crypticat coding

15+ years coding; CSS, HTML and some PHP
MyBB and Jcink forum skinning specialist

Custom skin prices begin at $400 USD via PayPal.
This includes the index, board view, thread view, and profiles.
Additional pages are $5 - $50, depending on complexity.

I don't just do skins, though!
If you can imagine it, I can probably code it!

Some useful things I've coded for MyBB include:

  • Conditional sections that only display to particular accounts, such as welcome messages for guests.

  • Utilizing the Help Documents feature to create a database for simple (name, type, subtype, information) things. Or creating custom databases for more complex documentation!

  • News feed that displays content from a specific thread.

  • Auto-updating census.

  • Auto-display OOC accounts in postbit and/or profiles utilizing Account Switcher plugin.

  • Recent posts and/or threads without a plugin.

  • Automated threadlogs.

  • Posts with x replies, specific prefixes, by particular usergroups, etc!

  • Conditional profiles and/or postbits - ooc vs ic, packs, herds, kingdoms, etc.

  • Customizable profiles utilizing Custom Profile Fields to make it easy for members to change the look of their profiles (and/or postbits).

  • Customized Edit Profile pages.

crypticat coding

crypticat coding